Saturday, August 9, 2008

e Universe The unuiverse is something mysterious.It is defind as the whole of space and all the celestial bodies likestars ,planets all the other forms of matter and energy in itOrgin of the universe Scientists have traced the universe almost back to the very instant of its orgin .There are twwo main theories about the orgin and evolution of the universe They are the steady state Theory and the BIG BANG Theory.
The future of the universe How long will the universe go on expanding ? Acording to Einstein's theory ,there are two possibilities.One is that the universe will go on expanding at infintum. The second possibility is that the expansion of the universe will slow down and ultimately grind to a halt .There after, it will contract slowly and assume the state that existed before the BIB BANG occured. some astronomers say that the expansion could go on for nearly 30 billion years or so.

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